QBO versions comparison

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If you would like help learning how to make the most of your QBO software


Information about the CRA voluntary disclosures

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Some useful information from CRA about your tax return Did you know that there is a CRA voluntary disclosures program? A second chance to correct your tax affairs Second chances don’t often happen in life. But if you have ever made a tax mistake or left out details about income on your tax return, the

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CPP/EI Rulings

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CPP/EI Rulings and how to obtain a ruling   The CPP/EI Rulings Program is responsible for providing clients with rulings that indicate whether a worker is an employee or is self-employed, whether or not that worker’s employment is pensionable for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) purposes and/or insurable for employment insurance (EI) purposes. A ruling may also


When to complete a T4 slip

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When to complete a T4 slip The CRA guidelines for when you need to complete a T4 slip for employees. Most amounts paid to an individual by an employer are referred to as remuneration. You have to complete a T4 slip to report the following: salary, wages (including pay in lieu of termination notice), tips or


Navigating QuickBooks Online continued

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Navigating QuickBooks Online continued Last we went went over the advantages of using QuickBooks Online. Now let’s get to personalizing QuickBooks Online as well as taking the guided tour of the home page. Personalizing QuickBooks Online 1. Open your QuickBooks Online account 2. Make sure you are on the Home Page 3. In the activities

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