Completing ROE’s (Record of Employment) in QuickBooks

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Completing ROE’s (Record of Employment) in QuickBooks

CRA has statutory reporting requirements for Records of Employment. ROE’s are the summary forms that detail an ex-employee’s work history with your company. Manually preparing these forms can be a daunting task. QuickBooks easily assists you in preparing ROE forms.

If you set up your employees correctly, pay them correctly you will have done almost all of the work necessary to create ROE’s for your employees.


Records of Employment

When an employee quits, is laid off or otherwise let go the Department of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) requires that you complete a ROE for that employee. For more information about ROE requirements you can visit the HRSDC’s website at www.hrsdc.gc.ca.

Updating the Employee file

Before you issue and Roe you should make sure that the employee’s correct hired and released dates appear in the employee profile window.  To check this

  1. From the employee centre double click the employee’s name and from the Employment Info tab of the profile window enter the last day worked and the reason for their leaving. Both the first and last day worked will appear on the ROE.
  2. Click OK to close the window.

Issuing a final pay cheque

When an employee leaves you must issue a pay cheque for the final pay period and on that final pay cheque you must also pay out any accrued vacation pay. Because the vacation pay is not attributable to an actual workweek you need to use the VacPay- Accrual Paid Out payroll item on the paycheques screen. Instructions are in the next section.

  1. From the Employees List select Pay Employees and then click Termination Cheque.
  2. In the Payroll Information window verify the pay period ending date and the cheque date and then
  3. Place a checkmark beside the released employees name
  4. Select Continue. QuickBooks asks whether to make the employee inactive.

Note: If you accept then the terminated employee’s name will no longer appear in

the Enter Payroll Information window nor will it appear in the Active Employee List

However in order to issue a ROE for this employee click Keep as Active (you can make the employee inactive after the ROE is issued). In the Review and Create Pay Cheques window QuickBooks now only displays the released employee.

Don’t forget this is the final pay cheque and that you will have to issue accrued vacation pay. To do so click Open Pay Cheque Detail

  1. Enter the employee’s regular pay. Then also in the earnings section of the pay cheque window use the VacPay Accrual Paid out and enter the amount of the balance of the accrued vacation pay. Click Save and Close.
  2. After QuickBooks returns to the Review and Create Pay Cheques window click Create Pay Cheques. QuickBooks then issues the final pay cheque.
  3. Next either print pay cheque or pay stub and click Close.


Completing a Record of Employment

  1. After you complete and Employee’s final pay cheque issue the ROE. From the Payroll Forms section of the Payroll Centre click Process ROE
  2. QuickBooks then suggests reviewing the Payroll Item Listing report. Click yes to continue.
  3. In the ROE selection window choose the employee and click OK
  4. Many ROE fields contain information that is underlined. This means that you can drill down to get more information about a field.
  5. On the ROE form click Box 15A Total Insurable Hours. This window gives you the detail of the amount in Box 15A. Notice that you can also click any of the displayed dates to drill down to the pay cheques or the YTD set up windows. Click exit to close the window
  6. When QuickBooks returns to the ROE form click Print and then transcribe the information onto an official ROE form or enter it on line if you file using the online feature.
  7. After you issue a ROE make the employee inactive by right clicking is or her name from the Employee Centre. Click Make Employee Inactive.

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  • Monica

    Do you have any idea how to do an ROE without the payroll subscription? I enter everything manually in QB


    • I am wondering if you need to do an ROE or if you are looking to set it up so you have the information if you need to do one. If you haven’t entered the hours when you are doing the checks then you won’t have the information to do the ROE in the system. If you are looking to set up your checks so you have the information to do an ROE then you can enter the hours in the memo field in the body of the check. It would still take a little work to produce the report you need to give you the information you need for an ROE but it can be done. You would need to enter the hours as #35 or however many hours they worked. If you enter the hours that way then you can run a report and filter by name and in the memo filter enter #. This will give you a report for that person with the hours on it as well as the date of the first check.
      Hope that helps!

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