Theresa Woods has been working with me for 15 years. When we first started we were working with traditional pen and paper for our bookkeeping. As I was computer literate at the time Theresa convinced us to upgrade to the computer and the QuickBooks program. Along with teaching me QuickBooks basics when she set up

Dear Theresa, I just wanted to send you a message to let you know that I am thrilled to be working with my Quickbooks program on a regular basis. I have found that since I have had you spend some time with me in teaching me how to get around the program I feel more

Good morning Theresa, I would like to extend my appreciation for your perseverance in resolving a challenge I had experienced with the transfer of data from the U.S. version of QuickBooks Premier. In early 2001, I found it necessary to have a presence in Canada. Intuit had been my accounting system for the past 17+

Thank you for coming to my home office, Theresa, and helping me set up my first Quick Books Company!  Your professional manner and knowledge of accounting was extremely helpful. You kept everything easy to understand and helped me to get started without feeling overwhelmed.  I look forward to using the Quick Books program and know that

I have enjoyed Facebook over the last few years, especially playing the games and adding new “friends” from places all over the world. Today , one of those friends, just saved me from making a total screw-up on my business! Theresa Woods answered my plea for help to solve a major problem I was having

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