Theresa Woods has been working with me for 15 years. When we first started we were working with traditional pen and paper for our bookkeeping. As I was computer literate at the time Theresa convinced us to upgrade to the computer and the QuickBooks program. Along with teaching me QuickBooks basics when she set up the system she would show me weekly basic steps such as email, attachments for email, Microsoft Word and Excel. As Theresa saw my confidence growing she would show me more and more steps in the QuickBooks system. She would even to go as far as leaving me little notes with step by step instructions to follow. She also noted that we would be available to answer any question by email even when she was not here. She also extended the offer when she was on vacation if I needed the help. I am now able to do invoicing, credit notes, payroll, tax remittance, etc. thanks to Theresa. Theresa is always willing to help. As an example she is now trying to get me to do online banking. I would highly recommend Theresa to any individual or company for accounting, bookkeeping or lessons on QuickBooks or any other programs.  She is very through in following through on all of her contributions in accounting. We were audited a number of years ago and had a $14,000.00 assessment against us. This assessment was for the period prior to Theresa starting with us. Theresa continued on after the assessment for six months to get us $7,000.00 of the assessment returned to us. I find this sort of dedication very rare in people today. I am sure your company would have a great asset in utilizing Theresa’s skills.


Michael Mulholland

President and Owner

Bestway Bedding

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