I have enjoyed Facebook over the last few years, especially playing the games and adding new “friends” from places all over the world. Today , one of those friends, just saved me from making a total screw-up on my business! Theresa Woods answered my plea for help to solve a major problem I was having with my QuickBooks! I had no clue about how to fix the problem and posted a request for help on FB. Theresa answered my call and even went so far as to do a “hangout” on Google+ with me to figure out what the heck I had done to mess things up so bad!!! She knew exactly what to do and was very patient with me and did not call me stupid a single time!! haha – I struggle with the whole bookkeeping thing. I only wish Theresa lived near me so I could just hand all this mess over to her! Thank you, Theresa Woods – cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kindness, as well as your expertise!


Pam Davis

Rossville, Georgia

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