Good morning Theresa,

I would like to extend my appreciation for your perseverance in resolving a challenge I had experienced with the transfer of data from the U.S. version of QuickBooks Premier.

In early 2001, I found it necessary to have a presence in Canada. Intuit had been my accounting system for the past 17+ years, and with expenditures in Canada, I found myself co-mingling U.S. and Canadian funds in the same program. Knowing this would create complications and additional cost when filing taxes, I discussed possible solutions with Intuit, only to learn their software does not allow for integration either direction. Additionally, they were unable to direct me to a third party software that would assist me in resolving this matter. In 2007 I found it necessary to make Canada my permanent residence which exacerbated the challenge.

My US / Canadian accountant knew of the difficulties, and put your name forward as an Intuit Pro Advisor. Theresa, while you had no experience in this matter, you were willing to research solutions through your networks, staying with the matter until you were able to provide a solution. You steered me toward Baystate Consulting which provided a solution to my problem.

I trust this research will help others with similar challenges.

Kind regards,

Judith McCann | Managing Director | PORTER & BEST Life Management Services

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